Wisconsin Lottery Finally Hands out the $768 Million Powerball Jackpot

Hitting the Powerball Jackpot can only be achieved in the dreams of many gamblers, but in late March, a very lucky man or woman actually won the jackpot of $768 million. This happened in New Berlin, Wisconsin as the winner hit all the six numbers of the jackpot.

The lucky numbers for the Powerball were 16, 37, 20, 62, 44, and 12. As usual, part of the jackpot will go to the place where the ticket was purchased, particularly the Speedway ion New Berlin.

How Will the Cash be Received?

The Powerball lottery rules specifically state that the winner has the decision to receive the large sum of money over the course of 30 years. Another option is to receive about $470 million at once, excluding tax.

Regardless, there will be a $38 million fee as the tax that will go directly to the Wisconsin budget. Although there will be deductions, there’s no doubt that the lucky winner will have no problems financially for the time being.

Other Winners

Although other prizes can’t compare to the $768 million prizes, other winning tickets are still worth the gamble. There are currently seven tickets that reach the $1 million mark and they’re all achieved with five right numbers, excluding the red Powerball number.

Although there’s a very, very slim chance to win the Powerball jackpot, people are still getting attracted to risk it. Perhaps the reason is because of these inspiring stories that drive people to think that the risks are worth the gamble.

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