Winner of $1.5Billion Prize in South Carolina Steps Forward to Claim the Jackpot

By now, residents of South Carolina had probably heard of the record-breaking winner of that famous $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot. It occurred 6 months ago and it had been the talk of the town for a few months.

However, the wait is finally over because the winner, who decided to remain anonymous, stepped out and claimed the prize. However, he/she chose the one-time payment of approximately $900 million.

Biggest Lottery Winnings

jackpot winner raining money - Winner of $1.5Billion Prize in South Carolina Steps Forward to Claim the Jackpot

The winning ticket is found to have been purchased in the month of October at the KC Mart in South Carolina. It was announced that there’s an option to remain anonymous, for security purposes especially considering that it involves a very, very large amount of money, and the winner chose just that.

The winner had until the month of April to claim the prize and since it took months before the winner stepped out, many speculated that some problem occurred. There are theories that the winner died, or they lost the ticket, or they’re simply afraid of what may happen.

South Carolinians are glad that the winner decided to remain anonymous, as it may lead to conflict if he/she chose otherwise. It’s actually good news for them because the winnings will have to go through the tax process and a part of the money will go for the budget of the state.

Indirect Winners

As previously mentioned, there will be indirect winners of the winnings. One side that’ll receive the winnings is the South Carolina state as a whole, in which it’s expected to be used for renovations.

Another beneficiary of this once-in-a-lifetime event is Chirag Patel, the owner of KC Mart that sold the ticket. He, too, decided to use the money for renovations of the store.

Of course, any owner will be glad about the circumstances, as he only needed to sell the ticket to indirectly win the money, and is glad that the winner stepped forward to claim the prize.

Winning the Mega Millions lottery isn’t as easy as it may seem, as there are several processes involved. This includes getting in touch of an attorney to see to it that the winner is given the guidance he/she needs.

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