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Winner of $1.5Billion Prize in South Carolina Steps Forward to Claim the Jackpot

By now, residents of South Carolina had probably heard of the record-breaking winner of that famous $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot. It occurred 6 months ago and it had been the talk of the town for a few months.

However, the wait is finally over because the winner, who decided to remain anonymous, stepped out and claimed the prize. However, he/she chose the one-time payment of approximately $900 million.

Biggest Lottery Winnings

jackpot winner raining money - Winner of $1.5Billion Prize in South Carolina Steps Forward to Claim the Jackpot

The winning ticket is found to have been purchased in the month of October at the KC Mart in South Carolina. It was announced that there’s an option to remain anonymous, for security purposes especially considering that it involves a very, very large amount of money, and the winner chose just that.

The winner had until the month of April to claim the prize and since it took months before the winner stepped out, many speculated that some problem occurred. There are theories that the winner died, or they lost the ticket, or they’re simply afraid of what may happen.

South Carolinians are glad that the winner decided to remain anonymous, as it may lead to conflict if he/she chose otherwise. It’s actually good news for them because the winnings will have to go through the tax process and a part of the money will go for the budget of the state.

Indirect Winners

As previously mentioned, there will be indirect winners of the winnings. One side that’ll receive the winnings is the South Carolina state as a whole, in which it’s expected to be used for renovations.

Another beneficiary of this once-in-a-lifetime event is Chirag Patel, the owner of KC Mart that sold the ticket. He, too, decided to use the money for renovations of the store.

Of course, any owner will be glad about the circumstances, as he only needed to sell the ticket to indirectly win the money, and is glad that the winner stepped forward to claim the prize.

Winning the Mega Millions lottery isn’t as easy as it may seem, as there are several processes involved. This includes getting in touch of an attorney to see to it that the winner is given the guidance he/she needs.

Wisconsin Lottery Finally Hands out the $768 Million Powerball Jackpot

Hitting the Powerball Jackpot can only be achieved in the dreams of many gamblers, but in late March, a very lucky man or woman actually won the jackpot of $768 million. This happened in New Berlin, Wisconsin as the winner hit all the six numbers of the jackpot.

The lucky numbers for the Powerball were 16, 37, 20, 62, 44, and 12. As usual, part of the jackpot will go to the place where the ticket was purchased, particularly the Speedway ion New Berlin.

How Will the Cash be Received?

The Powerball lottery rules specifically state that the winner has the decision to receive the large sum of money over the course of 30 years. Another option is to receive about $470 million at once, excluding tax.

Regardless, there will be a $38 million fee as the tax that will go directly to the Wisconsin budget. Although there will be deductions, there’s no doubt that the lucky winner will have no problems financially for the time being.

Other Winners

Although other prizes can’t compare to the $768 million prizes, other winning tickets are still worth the gamble. There are currently seven tickets that reach the $1 million mark and they’re all achieved with five right numbers, excluding the red Powerball number.

Although there’s a very, very slim chance to win the Powerball jackpot, people are still getting attracted to risk it. Perhaps the reason is because of these inspiring stories that drive people to think that the risks are worth the gamble.

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New Jersey’s Hard Rock Casino Hold Online Slot Tournaments

New Jersey had just achieved a new level of online gambling as the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel Atlantic City officially announced that they’ll be launching online slot tournaments.

According to, the gameplay offerings of the online platform of the New Jersey casino will have a wider variety. The online platform is on the domain and will offer online slots and other casino games for real money in NJ.

Real-Time Tournaments announced that the slot tournament will be a real-time variety as they update the rankings and players will be able to track their winnings and progress at any time of the day.

With that said, the website will be operating 24/7 and this also goes for their games, including their existing games with the addition of slot tournaments.

slot tournaments new jersey - New Jersey’s Hard Rock Casino Hold Online Slot Tournaments

Online Slot Games

Only residents of Garden State that are 21 years of age or over can enjoy the real-time slot tournaments of

Their online slot games have premium features and promotions. You can enjoy their 100% deposit match up bonus that can go as high as $1,000 with an addition of 50 free spins.

There are also branded slots such as Vikings, Jumanji, and more.

Future of Hard Rock Casino

2019 is still in its early days and Hard Rock Casino doesn’t seem to be wasting time on developing their online platform.

Fortunately, they are one of the few legal platforms on the internet that United States residents can gamble on.

Hopefully, the Hard Rock Casino will continue reaching for new heights for the sake of gamblers from the state. Keep in mind, however, that since they are becoming more and more attractive, you should be having more control over your love of gambling.

Bingo, the Most Popular Form of Gambling in Community Centers

Did you know that bingo is the most prevalent and widespread form of gambling at community facilities such as police organizations, medical groups, church groups, and civic organizations?

This is perhaps due to the fact that it hasn’t been a cause of any illicit behavior that made it a subject of concern. As a result, you’ll find organized bingo nights everywhere in the US, from community centers, completely-legal bingo halls, or outposts.

What is Bingo?

Bingo was invented in the 1920s as a game of chance, just like most forms of gambling. It revolves around numbered balls that are drawn at random. The drawing keeps on until a player attains a specific pattern, horizontal, diagonal, or vertical.

This pattern should be achieved in one printed card they receive at the start of the game, with random numbers printed on each of the 25 squares.

Where is Bingo Held?

Bingo is held in bingo halls which usually consist of rows of tables and chairs. The caller is, of course, in a different area, typically a chair up front. The caller is the person who reads out the drawn numbers so bingo players can mark the number in the card, though the caller may also be a player of that particular game.

Elders make up the most of the bingo-playing population. However, due to obvious reasons, they won’t be able to go to bingo halls as much as they like. So online bingo is also getting popular.

Marking the Card

Players are given bingo markers which they use to mark their card whenever the caller reads out a number placed in their card. There are many variations of how bingo cards are marked, but this is the standard.

The marking goes on until you achieve the required pattern and once you do so, you’ll have to shout loudly the word “bingo”.

Prizes for Winners

The supervisors or the people monitoring the bingo hall will have to confirm that you really achieved bingo. They have a history of all the numbers called, so if they see a number marked that wasn’t called, they are able to call it out.

There are many types of prizes for the winners, but the usual prize is cash. Just as how varied the prize may be, so is the pattern required for winning.

How Do I Play Bingo?

Bingo might seem fast for new players, but it’s actually a simple game. You just have to wait for the number, mark it if you have it on your card, and wait until you achieve a specific pattern so you can shout the word “bingo”.

Can I Play Bingo Online?

Bingo can be played online and you’ll find that there are more bonuses in the online version. They can also easily detect cheaters so there’s no need for worries.

Bingo is a simple yet rewarding game. If you’re not exactly the hardcore gamblinglover, this game might be a great fit for you.