New Gambling Bill Approved by Virginia Governor

Surely gamblers in Virginia is celebrating now that another gambling bill has been approved by their governor in favor of further making the gambling industry legal. It has gone through revisions for the past three months and now, it finally got approved from the House, Senate, and the Governor.

In-Depth Analysis of SB1126

It’s important to understand that the new gambling bill, SB 1126, isn’t about legalizing online gambling.

The bill was supposed to simply promote the expansion of land-based casinos in the state.However, due to the long wait and further revisions, it was then voted that it should also include sports betting and online gambling, though it doesn’t include legalization.

The gambling bill simply paved the way for online gambling platforms to be legal in the state of Virginia.

The Revisions of Virginia’s Gambling Bill

As previously mentioned, the bill wasn’t approved up until several revisions were made through the State’s legislation.

Originally, it was supposed to refer to the practices of gambling facilities only, but it extended to the online gambling industry as well. There are three parts of this change.

A Study on Casino Gaming

The bill evolved into not only extending the reach of casino gaming, but it also gave a boost to the authority and responsibilities of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC), a group that conducts studies and report on the gambling laws within the state.

Changes on Regulations

The Board then decided that they will need to change how they do things in the gambling industry. Thus, they abolished existing regulations and approved of new ones. Fortunately, the result ended up going in favor of the gambling industry.


While the bill is already official, the official implementation of the bill should be in the middle of 2020. This will be where voters will be given the authority to decide whether the aforementioned changes should be applied.

If the gambling bill goes as planned, Virginia will be one of the most vigorous states in the US when it comes to the gambling industry. As legislation such as these gets realized, the United States will surely become the nation that is most open to gambling.

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